Mildura International Backpackers Working Hostel 

20 Oct 2020 Update
We keep being asked if we have anyone available for farm work and we have room vacancies so if you are seriously looking then give us a call on 0408210132 and we can chat about what may happen with work and learn about your situation.
We cannot accept anyone currently in Melbourne, and no matter where you travel from expect questions about your health and movements.
Matching job vacancies and worker availability is quite tricky, and add in the need for permits and there is a real challenge. Sometimes it is better to be in the area waiting for work than hope that all of those things work together perfectly when you are ready to move. Call us and we can discuss.
No visitors are permitted on our premises.
Farms and horticultural employers continue to say they will generally not welcome you just arriving at their businesses seeking work.
Thanks, John and Craig


Mildura International Backpackers, part of the Working Hostels Mildura group, is Mildura's friendliest working backpacker hostel.

Our aim at Mildura International Backpackers is to make you comfortable and treat you as a family friend. We try and offer a relaxed place for you to stay; farm work can be tough so having somewhere you can unwind and have fun is our aim. Understand though that we do have rules and expect you to respect them so that everyone has a good time.

So why come and stay with us?

We have a range of employers who call us looking for workers, and if our timing and your timing is good, you may be able to arrive one day and start working after a couple of days.

We have a good knowledge of the local area, employers, growers, contractors and workplaces and their reputations, and employer requirements. In short, we have a pretty good idea of what is happening with work in this area throughout the year.

We understand visa days, pay rates, piece work agreements, employer obligations and places you maybe shouldn't work at.

We offer the complete package, accommodation, friends, work, transport and support or advice with work issues when we can.

We have a website, Facebook page and reviews, so you know we exist.

We have a solid reputation, you can find us in Google and you can possibly see or hear where we have advocated for backpacker issues.

We will do our best to help you if you do the same for us.

We are located close to the centre of town and just around the corner from the Mildura Vistor Information Centre, library, pool, gym and the Adelaide bus stop. A short walk away are the supermarkets, pubs, cafes, clubs, banks, shops, the V-Line bus station and the famous Murray River.

We can pick you up from the bus terminals or airport by prior arrangement when you arrive in Mildura.

Come and stay with friends. We look forward to welcoming you.

John and Craig

Front Entrance

Mildura International Backpackers Hostel